the scroll kit team is joining 

When you build a product that helps others make the web, you judge your work by the work of your users. What we saw when we woke up each morning at scroll kit HQ is what kept us pushing. Our objective was to create a process for making the web that was more like drawing on a piece of paper. A visual tool that was easy for most people to pick up, but could take them to a place that was uniquely their own. And over the years, the work we saw became a window into the minds of creative people from all over the world. We learned from you and thank you.

The ups and downs of this experience have only expanded our interest in this mission. We’re excited to announce today that we’re joining’s product team.

We’ll take what we learned building scroll kit and apply it to a product that’s always been tightly integrated with ours. Unfortunately, scroll kit as you know it will be shut down, and for that we're deeply sorry. The editor will shut down in three months. You’ll be able to download all of your work in the next six months and after that, scrolls will continue to be online but the site will become read only.

In a sense this change feels like we’re coming full circle. For both of us, WordPress was our entrance into the web. Kate wrote her first HTML and CSS to modify a theme. Cody used WordPress to launch NYU Local. We’ve watched in admiration as Automattic (the team behind has grown steadily over time. The team is only 250 people and yet WordPress powers 21% of the web. It's a huge percentage but when you talk to Matt and the team it's clear that they are just getting started.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported us along the way. Many thanks to Knight, Peter Schilling, our advisors (Clay Shirky + Heather Miles) and friends who have gotten us to this point.

-cody + kate

Alberto, John, Ben, and Chris at Knight whose early leap of faith made this all possible.
Our spiritual advisor Clay Shirky. Our right hand legal advisor, Heather Miles. 

Peter Schilling for engineering that can only be defined as rad.

Chase Snyder for supporting our users long before sk.

Anthony Volodkin for always being on Gchat.

Users and publications who pushed the limits of the platform like Gear Patrol, Epic Magazine, and The Mustang Daily.

Andrew McFadden who was our first customer.
The New York Times legal department for their jurisprudence.

Our friends who met with us for coffee, or drinks, or late night gchats and convinced us to keep digging. 

Conor White-Sullivan, Jesse Chan-Norris, Scott Kidder, Josh Miller, Libby Brittain, Om Malik, Erik Hinton, Steve Ellis, Jeremy Mims, Jeremy Singer-Vine, Jeremy Fisher, Parker Holcomb, Aniq Rahman, Carter Cleveland, Tal Safran, Jason Fertel, Matt Mireles, Steven Lehrburger, Jorge Ortiz  Pippin Lee, Sam Sparks, Lindsey Gardner, Joe Einhorn, Justin Shaffer, Andrew McLaughlin. Our Families: Barbara, Steve, & Lucas. Suzanne, Charlie, & Nick. Obamacare.

We <3 you all.